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'अखिल विश्व हिन्दी समिति, टोरोंटो' के आगामी कार्यक्रम:

१. 'कवि सम्मेलन' - ३ सितम्बर २०१६ शनिवार
११:३० प्रात: से ४ बजे सायं
बारबरा फ्रम, टोरोंटो पब्लिक लाइब्रेरी, टोरोंटो ।

२. 'विश्व कवि सम्मेलन' - १८ सितम्बर २०१६ रविवार ११:०० प्रात: से ३:३० बजे सायं
सिंधी गुरु मन्दिर, २०७ क्वीन्सप्लेट ड्राइव, टोरोंटो ।

इसमें कनाडा, भारत व सं रा अमरीका से अनेक गणमान्य साहित्यकार सम्मिलित होंगे ।

पंजीकरण कराने के लिये
फोन ००१ ४१६ ५०५ ८८७३ पर संपर्क करें.

विनीत: गोपाल बघेल 'मधु', अध्यक्ष

Upcoming programs of Akhil Vishva Hindi Samiti:

1. Kavi Sammelan
September 3, 2016 Saturday from 11:30 AM to 4 PM at
Toronto Public Library- Barbara Frum Auditorium, Toronto, On., Canada

Canadian poets will recite their poems and plan for Global poetic conference

2. Vishva Kavi Sammelan
September 18 Sunday -11 AM to 3:30 PM
Sindhi Gurmandir Temple
207 Queensplate Dr, Toronto, On. Canada

Eminent Poets from Canada, USA and India will grace the occasion.

You are requested to pre-register at;
Phone 001 416 505 8873 asap.

RSVP: Gopal Baghel 'Madhu'

The Great UNIVERSE The Great UNIVERSE     

MADHU GIITI # 465 composed in English on
August 01, 2009 quoted from
Perception of Bliss -

O Time! Are you perpetuity

O Time! Are you measurement of eternity?
Are you management of infinity?
Are you perpetuity?
Are you revelation? Are you realization?
Are you part of crystallization?
Are you phenomenon?
Are you preconceived? Are you Polaroid?
Are you oscillating, organizing and operating?
Are you commanding, calculative and cooperative?
Are you inspired, creative and versatile?
Are you universal, original and imperative?
Are you innovative and imaginative?
Are you controlled? Are you in control?
Are you reality of cosmic continuation?
Are you intuitive, reminiscent and buoyant?
Are you obvious, influx, ever emergent?
O Time, do you dwell in cosmic conscience?
Do you enjoy nature? Do you evolve in His bliss?
Do you monitor ‘Madhu’ space?

Composed by
Gopal Baghel " Madhu "
Toronto, On., Canada

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A'NANDA VA'N'II आनन्द-वाणी আনন্দবানী

"The humans of today are possessed of spirited intellect and accomplished wisdom. They are keen to advance with rapid step shattering the shackles of dogmas. They will no longer be entrapped by the illusion of opportunism. The rays of the crimson dawn of a new humanity on the eastern horizon have started weaving textures of colours on their eyelids and in the subtle recesses of their minds.

As for those who have been dreaming of keeping humanity imprisoned by dogmas, their days are numbered; their blissful dreams are being shattered to pieces. I call upon all enlightened people and say: “Go ahead with courage. The humanity has been awaiting you. Establish it in the excellence and grandeur of glory.”

Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji श्री आनंदमूर्ति जी

With best wishes for a very happy and spirited 2013 to you
आपको नव वर्ष हर्षोल्लास भरा व मंगलमय हो!

Gopal Baghel 'Madhu'
गोपाल बघेल 'मधु'
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We strongly believe that we are all very unique,vital and essential in our Macro Cosmic Network. We all, serve Supreme Consciousness and all entities with universal fraternity, utmost sincerity and deep devotion to create continuously better network of fabulous FIBERS full of consciousness on our great Planet in our unique Universe.
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Spiritual Management Poem or Madhu Giiti from
" Ananada Anubhuti- Perception of Bliss "
composed by Gopal Baghel ' Madhu'

Capacity of your management of creation 76 / 28.05.08

Adventurous is capacity of your management of creation!
Mysterious is your efficiency of control and administration.

Your creating creation by becoming manifested
From un-manifested and then becoming infinity yourselves;
Creating Aham Chitta and five elements in Mahat,
Making unicellular and then multi cellular creatures from solid particles;
Merging into your own self even complex minds of humans.

Motivating every creature in
Extrovert cycle of creation towards progress;
Yourself encouraging time, place and persons.

Listening to story of mind of every creature;
Giving direction to every ‘Madhu’ heart centre.
Understanding clandestine of death of every creature;
Giving birth after birth to every creature.

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